The First Occasional
Captain Siobhan & the Pyrates
Cruise & Landing Party

Capt. Siobhan!

It all began with a letter, from me to His Excellency, Corwyn, High Admiral of the Royal Navy of the Kingdom of the West, regarding a presentation I made at a Crown tournament. He replied with a distressing bit of news, that apparently report had reached him already -- from the High Admiral of Caid! I replied to him that I was only doing my duty, and he passed the report along to Admiral Morgan.

It came to my attention that there was going to be a war in Caid, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to "clear my name" and have some fun. I mailed Admiral Morgan of Caid to that effect. From there, it grew into a great big affair, with a warrant issued by the Crowns of Caid for my questioning on charges of piracy. I went to the war. I had lots of fun. I reported on it to Admiral Juana-Isabella, and selected others. In his inimitable fashion, John Theophilous suggested a party.

After many alarums and excursions, it happened!

We chartered the Hawaiian Chieftain; we sailed around the bay and returned to Sausalito's Dunphy Park for a barbecue.

What would ye? Look at pictures? Or see the menu?