Pictures from "Capt Siobhan & the Pyrates"

BoardingWe found the Chieftain moored in Sausalito, and once the lot of us were gathered and the ship's bell sounded, we lost no time in coming aboard.

The Chieftain at anchor
Here's the Chieftain at anchor, with some other ships in the foreground. Already getting pretty crowded on deck there...

Crowd on the afterdeckQuite a crowd on the afterdeck as well. Left to right: me, John Theophilous (facing away), Wander (just the top of her head), Jenny of the Cardiff Rose, Duncan MacGregor, ?, Capt. MacLeod, Capt. Slay, and someone else I can't recognize from the back (but might be Capt. Ian of the Chieftain, judging by the hat.

Ferocious small pirateNow here's a ferocious pirate, stalking the deck of the captured vessel... (Seated next to him is Bob Rossman)

A pirate loves his mother?The selfsame rascally pirate threatening his mother. Now is that any way to behave? Good grief, boy, you know a pirate loves his mother! Gilbert and Sullivan said so, after all.

Meg, Quartermaster of the Seahawk (Royal Western Navy). Looks like she could be reporting that the Chieftain has been secured and is now the prize of PIRATES!

Lounging piratesOnce we took over the ship, we lounged about, awaiting the commencement of the cruise... Let's see if I can recognize everyone in the picture. Way in the back: Martin from Vancouver (the real one, in Washington), Rusty, probably-Bianca, Caitlin (in red), probably-Aislinn, Thane, me, Greg, three members of the Chieftain's crew, John Theophilous, Jamaica Rose (with camera, facing away). Down front, Capt. Ned Slay, Smilin' Jack Cagway, Francisco de la Beltraneja, someone I only just met that day and have forgotten who he was, another Chieftain crewman, and Wombat (in black, at the far right). Oh yah, and that's Meg's head in the lower righthand corner. Do I get a prize? ;)

Scary piratesA more scurrilous crew I don't think I've ever seen. Not the sort you'd like to cross. Left to right: Linda (looking away), Francisco, MacLeod, someone's friend I didn't ever learn the name of, Cheryl, Sean and Duncan (in the bottom righthand corner). I believe the seated pirate in red is Jamaica Rose, but I have no idea whose is the other hat we can just see.

The Wapama
Here's the historic ship Wapama, whose resting place is near the Chieftain. many comments about Noah were made as we motored past her. I forget what she was used for, but she sure is huge...

Rusteeeee!Rusty looking like the cat that ate the canary. Or maybe the pirate that took the prize... Seated near him is Capt. Slay, standing are (I think) Tanwen, (definitely) Vytas making donkey-ears on him (here's a close-up), and a worried-looking crewman of the Chieftain, undoubtedly wondering if it'd be possible to jump ship before it sails away with pirates aboard...

Dad 'n DoodWe're still under engine power in this picture of Wombat (with his son Finn) and Greg, da two Hawaiian boys, companions from old time.

While we make our way slowly away from Sausalito, John flirts with Pat...

Francisco de la BeltranejaAnd Francisco de la Beltraneja (Spaniard with a lanyard) gazes pensively aft.

Vytas & Tanwen
Vytas and Tanwen -- I will refrain from speculating on the possible blackmail value of a picture of the Queen of the West in the garb of a common sailor... Instead, I'll make suitably grateful comments about Royal Patronage... ;)

A pair o' seadogsThere's a pair o' seadogs fer ye...

The proud daddy
And a proud father...

group shot
Left to right: Meg (half of her head), Martin, a corner of someone's head, Bianca, April and Sean looking like they're about to tango, with Aislinn and Thane just behind them, and Caitlin-the-pyrate-wench.

Ship under way!Once we got out into open water, the Captain set sail, and we got underway. In the foreground is Capt. Michael MacLeod, from the southern contingent that travelled up to join us; just behind him is the estimable Francisco (looking for'ard this time) and Evaine (daughter of Jamaica Rose) both also from the south.

view up the maimastIf you look just above the red-brown lateen sail on the mainmast, you can see the very cleverly disguised exhaust pipes of the diesel engine that powered us away from dockside. ------------------------------------>

Capt. MacLeod
Here's a better picture of Capt. MacLeod. Cuts a dashing figure dunn'e!

Jessie, Wombat, Meg
Jessie, Wombat (her husband) and Meg, looking nautical.

view of the bayHere're a couple of nice views of the bay...
other view of the bay

GGate BridgeAnd here are a couple of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day for a sail, with a fair and steady breeze that meant the captain could raise almost all sail -- but not quite all, or we'd've strained the masts...
GGate Bridge

panoramic of the Bridge
Pat's birthday present to me was a dozen or so disposable cameras, and the development of the film thereof; included with the camera was a panoramic, which got this keen view of the bridge -- all of it!

all sails setThe pano-cam also got a fine shot of the mainmast, all sail set. A lovely sight...

Okay!I'm here ta tell ya: the day was WAY better than okay.

Boy overboard?We heeled over pretty far on some tacks; this young pirate bodes fair to become a boy overboard...

Jay, Ship's Cat
A fine picture of the Ship's Cat of the Seahawk, looking rather more like Errol Flynn than a cat. But who's complaining?

Alcatraz, from the backA view of Alcatraz Island from the ship -- the side that anybody who's never sailed on the Bay never actually sees! Nice little whitecaps give you an idea of the prevailing weather.

The Captain & her QuartermasterThe Captain and her Quartermaster on the afterdeck...

2 captains...We had two crews, two captains. On the left, myself, on the right, Capt. Ian of the Chieftain.

Cheryl making a face
Don't stick that out unless you intend to use it, lassie! Say, that's a video camera! I WANT A COPY OF WHATEVER YOU FILMED, CHERYL!

TylerActually, I think Tyler makes a fine pirate; certainly the occasional extreme lean angles seemed to phase him not at all...

A Limey...
Aha, a Limey!

MartinSome folks came a long way to do this. I already mentioned the SoCal folk, well, Martin came down from Washington to do this, and doesn't he look every inch the pirate! I was impressed.

Capt. Ned Slay
The "not so good" Captain Ned Slay, of the Southern Cal contingent. Their attendance, by the way was largely the doing of Jamaica Rose -- of whom I have no good picture, I'm sorry to say. Rose puts out the very excellent No Quarter Given. Check it out!

Greg behind the mastYou've heard of Before the Mast, well, here's Greg Behind the Mast. Besides him, there are, left to right, Sean the Warthog, April his lady, Thane Aislinn's captive, and Aislinn (the Seahawk's Ensign) herself.

crowded, ain'it!In retrospect, I think we might've had rather more folk on board than would've been entirely comfortable, but it sure was FUN.

Smilin' Jack on blues harp
As we approach Marin under sail, a variety of activities commenced, including dicing games (of which, alas, I have no pictures) and music. Here's Smilin' Jack entertaining the southern contingent on the mouth-organ.

music belowdecks
Meanwhile, below decks, I and my First Mate indulge in a peaceful pastime...
(No not that, ye filthy-minded sack-guzzle!)

Pat & DuncanPat and her Duncan. Handsome swivel gun, too. I'll refrain from "son of a gun" remarks, but just barely... ;)

Phil, Linda, Cheryl
Phil, Linda and Cheryl enjoy the weather out by the bowsprit... (You guys do know what sailors were in the habit of doing out there, don't you? You don't? Never mind, you don't want to know.)

Vytas & Rusty plottingNow, you go over the side, swim up to the other ship and yell, "Man overboard! Help, help, I'm drowning!" and then when they pick you up, make up some kind of credible story and deliver it in song, while you dance down the deck juggling cannon balls, and while they're busy gaping at you, we'll just sneak up alongside, and... (Vytas and Rusty)

more musicWhile they set up the cannon to be fired, Greg and I made a little more music, abovedecks this time, and me all unaware that Capt. Ian planned for me to set off the cannon!

Capt. Siobhan lights the cannon!
Everybody holds their ears as I touch off the cannon pointed at the expensive houses on the hillside...

a scurvy crew
Our big scurvy crew, at voyage's end.

hoist the jolly roger!Caitlin prepares to hoist the Jolly Roger at Dunphy Park, signalling our capture thereof!

Galley wench?Pat served up a fine array of desserts of her own making, as well as serving the main dishes I'd made.

storytimeJohn regales Bianca, Morgan and Martin with a story...

No shit...
No shit, there I was...

Boffers at 10 paces
Meanwhile, on the lawn, a pitched boffer battle takes place...

There are more pictures from the landing party at Dunphy park, but they haven't been scanned yet because they didn't end up going away with Pat, so I had to develop them myself (like I'm complaining!). I'll put them up soon.