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The Third House - Communication

The symbol on the wheel for this House is two people taking hands, a test of trust and commerce for millenia.

I communicate for my living; I also communicate for fun. These are some of the lists on which I currently communicate (or have communicated some time in the past):

LISTSERV-type lists

To subscribe to these lists, you send mail to LISTSERV@host with the message SUBSCRIBE list, where host is the host name as shown below, and list is the list name as shown below (the part that comes before the @ sign). You can put your name in at the end of the subscribe line or not.

non-LISTSERV lists

As a general rule, to subscribe to these lists you send mail to listname-request@host, and in the body of the message put: subscribe your name. That is, your human name, not your machine address, which the software picks up automatically.

I also subscribe to the BayGourmet and Iron Chef lists at If you have more time on your hands than prudence, check out Stephanie and Peter da Silva's bloody huge Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists database of doom.

Essays & Stuff

This could easily go under the heading of creativity (and is actually there as well), but if you're interested in reading communications of my opinions, you may.

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