Leigh Ann's Writings

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Prose - Nonfiction

Lady of the Depths: Primal Goddess of Celtic Shamanism
An article originally published in Shaman's Drum, 1989. First of a series I'd planned on European shamanism; the series never got published because that issue (containing also some articles on Tibetan shamanism) sold worse than any issue before that one, which, along with a few letters to the editor explaining how "European shamanism" was an oxymoron and only the Native Americans can do real shamanism (yeah, right, but don't get me started on that one) convinced SD's editors that their readership didn't want to hear about it. Buncha wannabe Indians (gripe, piss, moan). Anyway, since John and Caitlin Matthews have successfully published a couple of books on the subject of European (and specifically Celtic) shamanism, I thought I'd put this item back into the light, along with its sequels...
The Ordeal of Lleu as Shamanic Initiation
An exegesis of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi, explaining how Lleu's tribulations are a form of shamanic initiation, overseen by his uncle Gwydion. This originally appeared in Keltoi, the journal of the Celtic League American Branch.
European Shamanism - a Preliminary Reconstruction
There's some repeat material in this from the Lleu paper; it constitutes my first (and unfulfilled) effort at reconstructing a shamanic system based in European myth and symbol, for the benefit of people who might (for whatever reason) feel strange about doing Native American religion.
De Missa Gnostica
A rant/essay on the subject of the OTO Gnostic Mass, what I think it means and is supposed to accomplish as a magical working.
Why I'm a Centre of Pestilence
Because I discuss the Book of the Law, that's why. So shun me, already! ;)

Prose - Fiction

Blood Libel
I think this may be my best story ever. Originally published in Vampires, edited by Jane Yolen and Martin Greenberg, 1991.


An Enchantment
From a version of the Rite of Jupiter in which I performed.
Scarlet Muse
Lyrics to a song about Crowley's mistress, Leila Waddell.