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The symbol on the wheel for this House is the Egyptian hieroglyph for a plough.

This year will mark my seventh anniversary with Sybase. During my tenure there, I've gone from being on the phones in Tech Support, to being a writer and editor of the Sybase Technical News, to Webster and tools dominatrix for the Information Products Group to my current position as *ahem* Web Tools Developer with the Web Services group. I'm actually quite grateful to Sybase for providing me with means, motive and opportunity to expand -- I wouldn't have guessed, three years ago when my then-manager asked me "So, what do you want to do this year?" and I replied, "Well, this WorldWide Web stuff looks cool," that eventually I'd be doing it for my job.

I've done some CGI scripts in Perl -- I was particularly proud of the Groupie Registry for Annwn I did lo these many, but since then I've done lots more fun things, including a memorization aid for Crowley's Liber 777 in JavaScript, and some stuff to connect web browsers with a Sybase Adaptive Server.

As I said, I've done some Intranet web pages, but you can't see those, coz they're behind a firewall at Sybase. You can, however, look all around this site to see the rest of my work, and if you want to see still more, take a peek at News flash! You can now see an actual program of mine in action! (gasp!) Check out the Sybase Support Metasearch page.

Click on these thumbnails to see pictures of the chaos that is my office (thanks, Chris Haynes!)

my office, view 1    my office, view 2

Finally, if you're really interested, you can look at my resumé.


I'm vaguely interested in doing something besides Sybase (hell, what I really want is to do music all the time, but that can't happen yet...) but if you're looking to hire me, please be aware of the following facts and conditions:

view of the SF Bay from Sybase's
Click here to see what the Bay looks like from Sybase right now.

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