The Second House - Resources

The symbol on the wheel for this House is a rack of stoppered amphorae, signifying items stored up against contingency.

The Second House is about resources, traditionally money. Now, it's nobody's damn business how much money I make, so that won't be a part of this page. Instead, I'll talk about my personal resources, the internal ones.

I own a number of virtues and vices, any of virtue of which can be considered a vice, and vice-virtue. That means I'm:

impulsive distractible
hyper-competent impatient
versatile a dilettante
adaptable indecisive
tenacious obsessive
a quick study often frustrated
amiable overaccommodating
versatile over-committed
a good leader a poor teacher
a steadfast friend over-protective
brilliant literal-minded
enthusiastic intimidating
educated over-esoteric
unassuming self-effacing
insightful disparaging
erudite daunting

I'm a catalyst. I walk into a situation and chances are it'll change, for good or ill, whether I plan it or not (usually for good; I suspect (or at least I hope) I'm just lucky that way).

Not too bad, I guess. Anyway, insofar as I'm pursuing the Great Work, these are the strengths that encourage me and the weaknesses that get in my way. They don't look particularly impressive on a resumé, it's true, but I find them useful to keep in mind.

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