Auld Reekie Smoked Scotch Ale

Ingredients (for 6 gallons)

Grains/Extracts Hops Yeast
9 lb pale dry malt extract 2 oz Kent Goldings WYeast 1728 (Scottish Ale)
3 lb dark dry malt extract
1¼ lb Gambrinus honey malt
1 lb Hugh Baird peated malt
3 oz roasted barley


Mini-mash specialty grains in barely enough water to cover -- raised temp to 170°, held for 1/2 hr, sparged, added extract and water to 2 gal, boiled 1½ hr (added hops during last half-hour). Strained into primary, added water to 6 gal.

Fermented at ~52°-54°. First taste (at rack to secondary) wasn't very smoky, but as the sweetness went down, the smoke went up.

Prime with dextrose at bottling.

1.082 1.026 7.9 % by volume


Tasting notes from Karissa: "First-sip impressions: * Lipstick * Firewood * Old-boyfriend's muscle car

It's a winner!"

And she was right... it won 2nd place in the Scotch Ale category at the Bay Area Mashers' World Cup of Beer 1997.