Java Stout

Ingredients for 5 gallons

Grains/Extracts Additives Hops Yeast
9 lb dark DME 1/2 lb molasses 4.1 oz Kent Goldings (bittering) (it's what I had on hand) WYeast 1084 (Irish Ale)
3/4 lb 80°L crystal malt 5 oz ground coffee (I used Sumatra from Starbucks) 1 oz Kent Goldings (aroma)
1/2 lb roasted barley
1/2 lb black patent malt


Pseudo-mash specialty grains. Strain & sparge into brewpot, add DME, boil 1 hour. Bittering hops and molasses in at 30 min, aroma hops and coffee in at end. Ferment as ususal.

1.081 1.04


Inspired by RedHook and Starbuck's DoubleBlack Stout. Next time, I plan to use this interesting coffee concentrate I ran into at my local gourmet grocery -- it's in liquid form, the idea being you just add a spoonful to hot water to make coffee. I think it'll work better than the ground coffee.