Ingredients (for 5 gallons)

10.5 lb wildflower honey 1 qt each white and concord grape juices (organic, preservative free)
1 packet Red Star Montrachet Yeast 3 t yeast nutrient


Boil honey with ~2 gal water for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, start the yeast with some warm water and a little honey and the yeast nutrient.

Cool the wort as quickly as possible, add the grape juices and pitch the yeast culture. Funnel the whole into a carboy, top up the carboy with water to make 5 gallons, vapor lock.



It came out a month later with the most delightful blushy-rose color and tasted perfect -- not too dry, not too sweet. Can't remember what the FG was, but I do remember that I math'd it out to ~10% alcohol... I've saved a bottle away to sit for a year; we'll see how it comes out.