Pooka AltBock

Ingredients (for 1 gallon)

Grains/Extracts Hops Yeast
¾ lb 2-row pale malt ½ oz Hallertau (boil) - 45 mins Wyeast 1056
2¼ lb Munich malt ½ oz Hallertau (aroma) - 1-2 mins
½ oz chocolate malt


Grind grains, or have them ground at the brewshop. Mash using a triple-decoction mash (it was good enough for the Medievals, it's good enough for me): take out some mash, boil it, and stir it back into the main mash. Repeat twice. The idea is to get the mash up to 150° and hold it there for an hour by boiling and adding back wort as needed.

Sparge with 160° water and boil down to the right OG (it'll take about 2-3 hours). Towards the end of the boil, add hops -- 45 minutes for boiling, 1-2 mins for aromatics.

1.066 unknown


Well, yes, it was an experiment, but it was a damned successful one; my first successful all-grain. Just multiply by 5 to get proporations for 5 gallons.