SeaHawk Schedule

Event Date Activity (if any)
Beltane Coronation 29-30 Apr 2000 Feast of the Acquiescence (annual Royal Navy guild meeting; food, awards, Navy business, silliness. Crew to bring side-dishes as desired.)
The Captain's Birthday 31 Jul 99 It's possible I'll hold a birthday party at A&S, depending on when that is (I suspect the weekend of the 29th) -- but I'm going to hold a non-SCA-only party for my larger circle of friends with a Harry Potter theme, since he and I share the same birthday! Stay tuned for details.

At some point this summer, the Californian (the "Official Tallship Ambassador for the State of California) will be in town, at which point we've been offered a daysail on her by way of apology for our fairly unpleasant experience with the A&E Hornblower thing. When I find out when that is, I'll put it up here.

This is (of necessity) an incomplete schedule. If there's something you're doing that you'd like the crew to be involved in, let me know.

Last updated 7 Apr 2000