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Ahoy, my hearts! This is your Captain speaking... ;)

The Matthew of Bristol Look at this beautiful ship! Ain't she shipshape and Bristol fashion to be sure! This is the Matthew of Bristol, a replica of the caravelle that sailed under Giovanni Caboto (later to be called John Cabot) by command of King Henry VII, which sailed from Bristol in 1497 and landed on the coast of Newfoundland. The new Matthew recreated this voyage. Check out their website!

What is (or will be) Here

Sir Francis Drake's ship at CartagenaSir Frances Drake's ship at Cartagena... notice the compass rose says North is downward... Pretty handsome vessel, no? 30 guns at least... I just threw that in coz I like it, which is what I enourge yez to do likewise (throw stuff in coz you like it, that is). And besides that, it's a period pic of a period three-masted warship.


I've discovered that one of the few places around the SCA where you can have a Really Good Time(TM) is In The Navy (cue Village People chorus). So to that end, I've decided to throw my not inconsiderable enthusiasm behind having an even better time In The Navy. So here are my goals, remembering that although I'm a captain and you're my crew, this really is an anarchy of sorts (not unlike some of the pirate crews of yore) and I'm open to whatever sorts of things people might want to do in a nautical or pseudo-nautical context.

Auntie Siobhan Wants You!

I need input! What would you like to do? Send me mail (to my work account, leighann at sybase dot com (make the obvious substitutions in the obfuscated address)) and tell me!

Fair winds and following seas,