From Parsifal by St. Richard Wagner.

If you are pure,
the Grail will be meat and drink to you.

Who is the Grail?

That cannot be said;
but if you yourself are called to its service,
that knowledge will not remain withheld. --
And see!
I think I know you aright;
no earthly path leads to it,
and none could tread it
whom the Grail itself had not guided.

At this latest love-feast
prepared day after day,
as on the last occasion,
may it today refresh us.

The meal will renew him
who delights in doing good:
may he derive comfort,
and receive the supreme gift.

The faith endures;
the Dove hovers --
the Saviour's loving messenger.
Drink the wine
poured out for you
and take the bread of life!

Blood and body of that holy gift,
the loving spirit of blessed consolation,
now turn for your refreshment
into the wine poured out for you,
into the bread that feeds you today.

Take of the bread,
turn it confidently
into bodily strength and power;
true until death,
steadfast in effort,
to work the Savior's will!

Take of the wine,
turn it anew
into the fiery blood of life.
Rejoicing in he unity
of brotherly faith,
let us fight with holy courage!

Blessed in faith and love!