News from Monsalvat

Well, at this point everything's new, including us, but here's a timeline of what we've accomplished so far:

Equinox 2005ev
Well, it's been a while since anything new happened, but we're going to be gearing up for some new things. Watch this space!
Beltane 2004ev
For Thelema Lodge, we performed a rather different Roodmas.
Equinox 2003ev
We performed a Gnostic Mass completely set to music by Sor Marfiza (you can hear the Priestess' veil speech, for a sample), preceded by a Service of Light for the Equinox.
Hallowmas 2002ev
Nathan's "Masks of the Self" series concluded with a "Ritual on the Path of Mem" from Black Pearl, serving both to close the series and to dedicate the new inner temple at the Ashby House; and we had a well-attended and well-received Hallowmas ritual at Grace North.
Feast of the Beast & His Bride 2002ev
The 120th anniversary of the world debut (in Bayreuth) of Wagner's Parsifal (7/26/1882) saw the Companions and guests watching the Hans-Jürgen Syberberg film of the opera, with wine and cheese during, and discussion after. Sor. Marfiza (and friends) presented the Rite of Saturn this past Saturday -- Crowley's original Rite (mostly), with a twist of New Orleans Voodoo -- and all new poetry. "Masks of the Self" continues well-attended; coming up: The Star on 8/15, The Moon on 8/29 (skipping 8/22, which is the Rite of Jupiter), and The Sun on 9/5.
Roodmas 2002ev
We had a wonderfully successful Roodmas ritual at Grace North Church this past Friday (5/10). Nathan's "Masks of the Self" workshop continues every Thursday; coming up: The Emperor on 5/16, The Hierophant on 5/23, and The Lovers on 5/30.
The Feast of the Three Days of Liber Legis
We're very pleased to announce that Monsalvat will be hosting "Masks of the Self", a workshop on the Thoth Tarot Deck, starting on 18 April and happening every Thursday night at the Ashby House.
Vernal Equinox 2002ev
It's anno legis IV-x! Happy New Year! Held a very successful Vernal Equinox ritual and feast at the Ashby House.
Candlemas 2002ev
Brought this site online; Candlemas ritual at Grace North Church
Winter Solstice 2001ev
Kicked things off with a ritual at NOX house