Our Mission

Our first goal is to provide excellence, focus, commitment and consistency in ritual performance, and a venue for education in our central OTO ritual.

Secondly, of all the descendents of Jules Doinel's Gnostic Church, the Ecclesia Gnostical Catholica is the most liturgically impoverished, in spite of excellent efforts on the part of our Primate and other EGC clergy elsewhere; we plan to fill out the liturgical treasure house.

And finally, we aim to be a good example both to the non-Thelemic community as a whole and to those who might be curious about OTO. There's a lot of emphasis made generally on our rights as Thelemites, less on our responsibilities as Thelemites and initiates -- we know that we're not just representing ourselves, we're representing both Thelema in general and the Order in particular.

Our inspirations are several: