The Companions of Monsalvat

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Fra. Bromios
Frater Bromios (KEW) studied Classics at UC Santa Cruz, and Philosophy and English at Kansas State University. He has belonged to OTO since 1992ev and received most of his degrees from Aiwass Lodge, under the near-legendary Rusty Sporer -- as a result, he could be said to come by his dramatic ritual streak honestly.
He was baptisted and confirmed in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in 1993ev, and is an ordained Deacon and Novitiate Priest.
Sor. Marfiza
Soror Marfiza (KEW) holds a degree in Music from UC Berkeley (viola performance major), where she also took courses in Celtic Studies and a variety of extinct or near-extinct languages. She was first exposed to the concept of dramatic ritual in her (Roman) Catholic high school, and has since gone on to create many ritual dramas of her own, but her taste for "High Church" tends to peek through yet. She is a founding member of Nuit, has for many years been Præcentrix of Horus Temple at Thelema Lodge, providing music for Gnostic Mass there, and has lately begun to compose original Thelemic hymnody. Ultimately, she plans to set the entire EGC Mass to music -- as the Roman Catholic Mass has been set, hundreds of times over -- but at the moment she is working merely on a setting of the Anthem.
She has belonged to OTO since 1994ev, received her baptism and confirmation in EGC in 1997ev, and was ordained a Priestess in 1999ev.

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