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Web & Work-related Links

HTML reference pages
I never know when I'm going to need these, and it's a pain to get to them through NCSA, so this is a direct link.
Apache HTTP Server
When NCSA quit supporting their HTTPd server, they recommended installing Apache instead; and so do I.
Dictionaries and Thesauri
There are several of these online; here are a couple.
Zip Code Directory
The unspeakably useful US Postal Service zip code lookup. It's so fast, it's almost magical. Finally, the Post Awful seems to have done something right!
UPS Package Tracking
Nuf said.
Switchboard - Nationwide phonebook
This is a great, free service -- 90 million names in a nice, fast online phonebook. If you're not in it, you can add yourself, and you can also modify your entry if you are in it. Beyond useful.
The HTML Writers' Guild
I'm a member. The main mailing list is fairly high-volume, signal-to-noise about 1:1, but interesting things can be gleaned from it.
CGI Scripts and form stuff
Sybase Homepage
And finally, something to prove I really do work for a living. The homepage of my company, containing links to some of my very own documentation! *rah*

Last updated: 2 Feb 1999