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Covenant of the Goddess
An organization for which I was on the Board of Directors some years back; it's an umbrella association founded to afford members of Wiccan and neo-Pagan groups the same rights as those enjoyed by the established religions. They've included a FAQ on Wicca that I wrote when I was rather more active in the public information area.
PaganLink UK
UK Paganism
The Green Pages
A useful collection of links to Pagain sites.
FTP archive of misc stuff. It's reasonably well organized. There's also a Religion directory that includes some Neo-Pagan and Wiccan and other materials.
Shawn Knight's occult resources
A really good, regularly updated collection of links.
The Book of the Dead
An effective webbing of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
Tarot links
A big collection of Tarot links -- it's an Italian site, but most of the text is in English...
Here are some nice links associated with Thelemic ritual and writing.
Lucky W
A really awesome site devoted to charms and talismans, organized by motif (all-seeing eye, elephant, 4-leaf clover...) or by object type (candle, lodestone, coin, cord charm...). Fascinating stuff, put together by the eclectically-interested cat yronwode (who also does tantra and comic books...).
Tools of CHAOS
Chaos and other Magick info maintained by the guy who's also been known as Palindrome151; very complete.
I Ching
Automatically generated readings. The Tarot page changes deck styles daily. The Facade site has Bibliomancy, Biorhythms and Stichomancy (like bibliomancy but for any book, not just a holy one).
Real Astrology (TM)
By Rob Brezny. Fun stuff, never too serious.
A computerized chart generator.
Encyclopedia Mythica
A great resource with articles on almost every deity from every pantheon, searchable by keyword, browsable, etc etc.

Last updated: 2 Feb 1999