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Well, once upon a time there used to be a FAQ on what's out there in the way of music notation programs and possible WWW protocols for music, but it appears to have died a horrible death; I can find links to it all over the map, but the thing itself nowhere. So no more link to it for now, alas.

Be that as it may, you can do no better, IMNSHO, for passing along tunes by email or any other digital medium than audio, than to use the very excellent ABC format.

Celtic & Northern European

The Digital Tradition
It's back!! They found a site that could support them when Xerox decided to shut them down over copyright issues, and now they're back and better than ever. Fantastic reference of over five thousand folksongs, mostly from Northern Europe and North America. Long may they wave!
Celtic Music
Celtic Music Archive; lots of good stuff. Check out, at this same site, the Celtic music on the Internet FAQ.
Nottingham Music Database
Great collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, morris tunes and lots more, stored in an ASCII format which you can look at as ASCII, or as a generated gif, or which you can print in a variety of forms.
Henrik's Irish and Swedish Tunebook
GIF and ABC formats of numerous tunes; the Swedish ones are a nice addition.
Claude's Folk Pages
A dandy site; chords & lyrics, bands, links, jukebox, all kine stuffs.
The Gaelic Song Archive
Info on styles, singer bios, and songs in the three Gaelics -- Irish, Scots and Manx.
Richard's Tunebook
Collection of traditional tunes from Northern Europe (Irish, Scots, Orkney, Scandinavian...); GIFs of music pages.
Music Library
Virtual Library of Music pointers.
English Folk Dance and Song Society
Homepage of this organization dedicated to the protection of English folk heritage...
The Hardanger Fiddle Assoc. of America
These folks are dedicated to the preservation and teaching of the traditional fiddle and fiddling styles of Norway. These living traditions of music and dance have a history of at least 400 to 500 years in various (usually mountainous) regions of the country. It's a nice page, with pictures and sound.
ABC Library of Morris Tunes
A nice fat collection of Morris tunes in ABC format.


This is the place where I shamelessly advertise my favorite site on the web for audio files of the Unbelievably Awesome 78 Collection that is Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox. The selection changes monthly, and it's just so great. Rave, rave, rave. You need an MPEG player to hear it; one able to handle MPEG3 would be best.

And here's also where I plug XAudio. It's $10 shareware, it's available for a bunch of different platforms (including Solaris, yay!) and is Great. Check it out. There isn't a Mac version, but there doesn't have to be, since QuickTime 3 handles MPEG (2) already (and has been chosen as the technology of choice for the MPEG committee's upcoming MPEG 4... whee!)


Renaissance Consort
Pictures of Renaissance instruments, audio clips.

Rock, Goth, Funk, etc

Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull discographies with lyrics. There's another nice Tull site as well, with great pictures... And, of course, the one, the only, The Official Jethro Tull Website. Damn nice.
"If you ain't gonna get it on, take your dead ass home..."
VampLestat's Gothic Server
The seminal Gothic music&culture site. Check out also the Gothic FTP Archive.
Heather Rose Busby, where did you go?
The Internet Underground Music Archive
Well, it's on the Netscape "cool" list, so it's gotta be cool, right?
The Ultimate Band List
Huge database of bands with links. If you want to find info on a band, chances are good it'll be here.
The Annotated Grateful Dead
This is a really cool project put together by David Dodd. He's done such a cool job, he inspired me to do my own Annotated Passion Play.
The Theremin Home Page
A web site devoted to the amazing and bizarre electronic instrument invented by Leon Theremin in 1918. WAY cool.

Last updated: 4 Oct 1999