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Links for Women Bikers

MotoMama Magazine!
Don't miss this, it's TOO fun. They have a good page of resources for moto grrls too (I'm using that bitchin motogrrl graphic courtesy of them).
Women on Wheels
I'm a member of the Bay Area Chapter (warning! Geocities site! Turn off JavaScript if you don't want an obnoxious pop-up ad!) of this nationwide organization, founded in 1982. They are co-sponsors, with the AMA, of the Women & Motorcycling National Conference.
The Spokes-Women
A women's moto club in New Jersey. Their motto is "We want to change the way you think about Motorcycling". Fun site, recently redone and looking VERY clean and professional.
Leather & Lace
Mostly Harley-oriented and charity-directed. Founded in 1983, when there weren't a lot of women bikers...
Katja Poensgen
German Superstock Racer Grrrrrrl! Woohoo!
Motorcycle Milk Maids
A really fun-looking bunch of Norwegian biker women. In Norway, they spell it Motorsykkel... ;) Det er så bra! Anne, who runs their website (you can check out her personal page, if you can read Norse...) has also been a Virago rider; she says she found her XV535 a fine bike for a beginning rider...
Ridin' the Wind
A women motorcyclists' e-zine. Much more polished now that they have their own domain; the links page is still one of its best features. Highly recommended!
Women's Motorcyclist Foundation
"Women Riding for Research". These are the inspiring women who do the Pony Express Tour every two years for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They had one in 1998, in which I was honored to take part. I personally raised over $1500.00 in it; I'm doing it again in 2000, and I've committed to raising $2000.
Following the Fenceline
Speaking of motorcycles and breast cancer, here's a very cool page about a ride taken by Australian women who've had breast cancer. Same idea: raise awareness; different continent.
The Ebony Queens Motorcycle Club
The web presence of Michigan's EQMC, dedicated (among other things) to promote active participation of women in motorcycling. Many links to other women bikers pages, and moto-pages in general.
Dianna's Women & Sportbikes Page
She's got some links I don't have... ;) There's actually getting to be something of a proliferation of women's moto pages out there. I consider this a Good Thing (TM).
Women of the Road
Check out this cool site, built around the eponymous book, by a sister rider who says "I believe Women of the Road deserve the attention and recognition due them. Magazines written to them. Biking products made especially for them." It's a great ambition, and I'm all for it. I hope to see more from her.

Other Links

WetLeather (TM)
My favorite sleazy Pacific Northwest biker geek scum. Same as the mailing list below. WetLeather is what you get when you ride in the rain...
Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index
Great index of moto-related websites, nicely organized.
Virago Owners Club
Cool homepage of the VOC (I'm a member), with tech tips and all kindsa stuff. There's also a homepage for the NorCal Cruisers, my local chapter.
Motorcycle.Com Magazine
A way cool idea. It's evolving into something useful, too.
Motorcycle Action Group (UK)
British moto activism. And you thought American bikers had it bad!
Cyber Cycle Magazine
A really fine, complete magazine online; reviews, calendar, even a (slighly peculiar) comic strip... Don't miss the motorcycle forums of its parent, MotorcycleWorld.com -- especially the "Motorcycle Media and Women" forum!
Moto Directory
Index of brand-specific and general moto pages, parts, services, clubs, shops, salvage yards, etc etc. Great shopping!
Motorcycle Shopper Online
Speaking of great shopping, here's a sort of online swap-meet. Classifieds, bulletin-board stuff, etc.
The Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Cabal Homepage
Two wheels good! Four wheels bad! M-O-T-O! Fnord. The first vehicle to have an internal combustion engine was a motorcycle...
Pluto's World Tattoo Tour
Interesting site by a Canadian guy who's riding around the world on a Harley-with-Sidehack doing tattoos and photos and adventurestuff. Check it out!
The Brit-Iron Homepage
Includes pix of British motos, the lyrics to Richard Thompson's "Vincent Black Lightning", archives of the Brit-Iron mailing list, and other stuff.
San Diego Motorcylists
The webmaster rides a Virago, just like me!
Moto review archive
Organized by marque and model. Includes pictures, similarly organized! If you have a review to contribute, here's the template for contributions.
The "Team Charm Motorcycle List": a huge (580+) listing of shops, motorcycle manufacturers, publications, clubs, etc. Addresses and phone numbers. REALLY useful.
The homepage of a great British moto mailing list. Much more civilized than rec.moto, but then, who's surprised? Rather less non-moto blather than WetLeather, but the same sort of ambiance. This page has links to some great articles of moto interest.
International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers
Great resource for the touring/camping motorcyclist.
Route 66
And speaking of tours, here's the ultimate; a tour back in time, to when you could still "get your kicks on Route 66"...
Hideo Makino's H-D pages
If you ever wondered about all those Harleys you hear of exported to Japan, check out this site; pix, guestbook, links, etc. He provides a useful service too, in his listing of stolen bikes. Many of the pages are in Japanese, but the enthusiasm comes through regardless...
Last updated: 24 Oct 2000