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Miscellaneous Stuff

A Bazilians Restaurant Home Page
The eclectic and wonderful website of Jon "Here, Smell This" Singer. Writing, food, music, holography, cultivation of roses and mushrooms, and all the wierd stuff Jon's famous for. I miss him and wish he lived down here again...
Penn and Teller
The official Penn and Teller homepage. All the bizzarity you'd expect from this comedy stage-magic duo. Also check out this site for Magic on the Web.
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
Online catalog of 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history re-enactors -- French and Indian War stuff is their specialty, but a lot of the stuff can be used for SCA and the like. Whatcha call yer basic Den of Vice...
Master Gardeners' Gopher
A great collection of information about how to grow damnear anything, especially vegetables.
Yesterday's Rose
Speaking of growing things, I like to grow old roses, and here's a website about them.
The official Monty Python homepage...
Here are some language resources.
Mardi Gras!
The Official New Orleans Mardi Gras Web Site, with music samples, Virtual Bourbon Street, and other amusing stuff. Bon temps rouler!
The Amazing Fishcam!
Live fishtank images, a new one every minute -- your choice of JPEG, GIF or RGB -- and other fishy links. There's also The Continuously Refreshing Fishcam and if you like fish and live cameras, you should definitely visit Monterey Bay Aquarium's Kelp Cam!
User Friendly.
Better than Dilbert. WAY better.
Information SuperLibrary
A big sort of online reference bookstore supported by Macmillan Computer Publishing. They have a useful Web Yellow Pages.
The homepage of my favorite daytime cartoon show. I love it because it's not preachy, unlike so many other kids' shows nowadays, and because the animation is pretty. Good stories, too. Check it out!
My second favorite daytime cartoon show. Check out also the Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File and tons more.
School House Rock
Anybody remember these? I do! Whee! "Conjunction junction, what's your function..."
Cult of the Dead Cow
Anarcho-hacker-Texan weirdness. Links to plenty of indescribable stuff. Checkidout.
Archie McPhee!
Speaking of indescribable weirdness, you must visit this emporium of bizzarro pop-culture. Glow in the dark plastic bugs. Pickle-flavored bubblegum. Rubber chickens...
Wallace and Gromit
There are several sites associated with Nick Park's hilarious and artful claymation, and these are they:
Bettie Page
A page dedicated to the first BDSM pinup queen... Also check out the Bettie Page Hyperlist of more sites about her.
BodyMod E-Zine. Online magazine for fans of body art -- ink, piercing, cutting, etc.
Piercing Mildred
And speaking of body mods, if you always wanted to do it but never to yourself, you can do it to your virtual self instead (or at least, a reasonable facsimile of somebody if not you). Too fun!
The Crow

Last updated: 21 Jan 1999