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Iron Chef!!
American Gladiators meets Yan Can Cook. Unbelievably great fun. Everything you'd want in a TV show: high camp, suspense, color commentary, history, drama, and food. You must watch this show! Here are my Iron Chef links.
Chile-head stuff
A few chile links...
Ben & Jerry's
And at the other end of the heat spectrum, the homepage of Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory.
Food, drink, cooking and recipes. A cool online foodmag. Graphic-heavy; you can try the text-only index instead...
Yasuko-san's Home Cooking
Yummy homestyle Japanese food! *drool*
An absolutely beautiful hypertext job done on a bunch of the yummiest recipes to come out of New Orleans and environs. Eat hot!
Miscellaneous recipes; theoretically there's some historic ones in here, but I have yet to find them...
r.f.r recipe archive
The VERY USEFUL recipe archive from rec.food.recipes
Seasonal and ethnic cooking -- recipes can be found here...
Recipe Links at Einet Galaxy
Many links to various neat pages. Turkish, Slovak, other Ethnic, and misc collections at various Universities.
Comida Mexicana
Mexican recipes from the University of Guadalajara. Awesome. If you have a Spanish/English dictionary handy, you may also like Doña María Fernández Soltero's recipes from around the 1920's, and Miriam C. Rodriguez' recipes at the same site. (If you don't have a Spanish/English dictionary handy, you can have a look at the babelfish.altavista translation of Maria's page and Miriam's page; as always, babelfish doesn't provide the best translations -- "Buns of You Happen"! -- but at least it makes the page slightly more intelligible to the non-Spanish-literate.)
ABC of Arabic Cuisine
Great site for Middle Eastern food (and other Arab info through the base page...)
Chocolate Links
Sushi Links
I'm trying to re-find Hinode's "Osaka Sushi" homepage. Meanwhile, I found a couple of others:
I'm growing a few more mushroom links (hey, it's springtime, I'm entitled). These are they:
Here're a buncha links to pages that are pretty much catalogs...

Last updated: 19 Oct 2000