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The Hodge-Podge Transformer
Links to numerous other Discordian pages.
The Principia Discordia online!
With many links to the pleasantly insane people who webbed it.
Illuminati Online
Information on ILLUMINATI the game, with other game pages, the magazines Pyramid and The Daily Illuminator, and other amusing links.
Illuminati and other conspiracies
Homepage of the Illuminati of the Grand Recursive Order of the Knights of the Lambda Calculus... Fnord. Fnrod. Frndo. Something.
InterNIC says they're still alive, but as of this update, they don't seem to be. Give the link a try, maybe they're back.
What it says. The world has caught up with Discordians, and this is how they dealt with it. Amazing. Recursive. Meta-referential. Many milli-hofstadters.
Illuminati Timeline
An Illuminati outline of history; part of a really cool and bizarre site, Impropaganda.
Robert Anton Wilson.
Homepage of the guy that made Discordia famous...
Church of the Bunny
Not exactly Discordian, but certainly in the same vein...

Last updated: 20 Jan 1999