Shopping Lists

I bought all this stuff, plus some miscellaneous things in the snack line, like Granny Goose Hawaii-style potato chips...


The most important part, the pig, came from the same butcher I bought the other pig from, which is to say, Eric Crow at Crow's Meats in Napa. You may well ask why I drove all the way to Napa for my pig; it's sort of a tradition with me any more to buy larger roasting animals from Eric. He's a scrupulous businessman and a good friend.

I already had flour and yeast for the manapuas, in case you wonder at their absence...

I ended up making my own char siu (Chinese BBQ pork) using a little jar of char siu slather made by Lee Kum Kee, and I also salted my own butterfish and salmon.

The luau (taro leaves), Hawaiian salt, and poi came from The Hawaii Store in San Francisco, 2655 Judah at 32nd. His phone number is (415) 566-0111, his fax number is (415) 566-0508, and his email is

Grocery shopping was easy; Oakland's Chinatown is full of great stores. The banana leaves came frozen in 1-pound packages, from a store on East 12th St., called Sun Hop Fat (501 E. 12th, Oakland; (510) 763-8888). They have lots of other great things too, and like many Asian grocery stores, their prices are fantastic.


The music came partly from The Hawaii Store, but mostly from The Hawaiian Music Island; Auntie Maria has a huge selection.

Decorations and souvenirs consisted of plates and cups and napkins in a variety of tropical designs, a bunch of amusing color cutouts of hula dancers and Hawaiian-themed stuff (like the humuhumunukunukuapua'a, and if you think that's hard to say you should try typing it!), a couple of banners saying "Aloha", 3 dozen silk leis (one for each guest), and stuffs li'dat. I got most of it from the Oriental Trading Company, though some of it came from one or two of the shopping sites listed on the links page.

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