All over but the shouting...

Well, I hardly have to say I thought it was great, and really inspiring. So I'll cede the floor; here's Martin's post-mortem, and Wendy Dahl's brief acclaim.

From Martin

Subject: Belated thanks.

Since we left the day after the party (just as the last party guests were wending their way Seattleward with the dumpster debris) I never got to say thank you:

Thank you all. Wetleather parties _friendly_. (Partying wetLeather is our second favorite hobby, and it's a LOT cheaper than motorcycles.)

The food was great, even though we didn't make it all. After the success of Rob's Buffalo wings and Roy's fried bananas, we've decided it's OK if other people want to cook. (We were a a bit worried about delegating the responsibility for feeding our friends.)

I figured with the fish fry a short month before and the Gather coming up a month later, it'd be a smaller crowd. Oops. Somebody counted 57 people. Next year, I'm going to have to arrange for a bigger goat. We're _ready_, Jon's powered spit and our Canadian autobaster made the roasting entirely effortless.

Did I mention, "Thanks for coming"?


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From Wendy

Subject: When last seen...

The hosts extraordinaire were bid a gallant bon voyage by the last of the contented Goat Roastkateers, as they prepared for their travels south.

***Carol and Martin, your essence of hospitality, if granted a more global application, could bring about world peace. (Anybody think that's an exaggeration?) Thanks again for opening your home and your hearts (and your goat).***
Hey, Jim were the last one to see them off. Do you think there's a danger that those huge grins might get them pulled over for driving while intoxicated...on life?

May your adventures be many and your journey we may gather at